Vignolis - Coopérative du Nyonsais


In tandem with wine-growing countries of the new world, wine tourism is also growing in France.

In celebration of the specific properties and fame of wine production around Nyons, in a region associated with the palate, the brotherhood of knights of the olive tree… we decided to develop “Olive tourism” with the new VIGNOLIS showroom.

We have therefore created a museum celebrating the olive tree in our newly extended shop and exhibition area.

In this exhibition area (extending over 300m2) you can discover the millstones and different types of olive press and ancient implements used in the extraction and preservation of oil, together with information on the growing methods, the harvesting and the processing of olives.

 You can also enjoy a guided tour  Guided tours  by appointment only: please call Tel: 04 75 26 95 09 - cost : 2 EUR/person

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