Vignolis - Coopérative du Nyonsais

Nyons nature

our shop : Nyons Nature

8, avenue de VENTEROL
26110 NYONS 

tel 00 33 4 75 26 04 20

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Avenue de Venterol, only a couple of steps from the VIGNOLIS showroom, is home to our specialist shop, NYONS NATURE.

 Formerly under the branding FRANCE RURALE, our new identitiy in 2008 has allowed us to offer more sections in addition to all the traditional agricultural and plant-based products

 Textiles section

Clothes and shoes for work and comfort.

Come and discover our sport and city collection with a welcoming atmosphere and changing rooms.

 Household section

Everything you need to decorate the home:

Table-wear, crockery in decorative boxes, incense, mood candles, plus products with olive oil base from our card shop and cosmetics shop.

 Leisure section

In addition to our mountain bike hire service, we also offer equipment for fishing (accessories and live bait) shooting and a new section Airsoft (leisure fire-arms), cycles and horse-riding accessories.

 We also stock fishing and shooting permits.

 Animal feed section

For dogs, cats, small animals, birds, poultry, tortoises and fish, and a recent addition, feed for horses.

Several times during the year: sales of live game, puppies and kittens.

Garden section

200m2 display area of indoor plants, shrubs, bedding plants, hedges, fruit trees… with expert advice from our manager and gift wrapping service and order and reserve service.

Available on request; electric fences and automatic watering systems.

Our strengths:

Experts available for personal advice 

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