Vignolis - Coopérative du Nyonsais


Created in 1923, the cooperative du Nyonsais today has a membership of more than 1100 growers.  The Cooperative collects and processes grapes from 1400 hectares of vines of Cru VINSOBRES, COTES DU RHONE Villages, COTES DU RHONE, Vins de Pays des BARONNIES, and olives from 600 hectares of olive groves to produce olive oil and black Nyons AOC olives.

The products from our local area are sold by our commercial subsidiary l’EURL VIGNOLIS.

 In addition to our shops at Les Pilles and Nyons Natures, a new showroom of 1500m2 was opened for public use in December 2008, devoted to our own products and others grown locally, including AOC and an organic range.

The VIGNOLIS showroom specialises in sales, tourism and culture of the NYONS area and is a vibrant and active showcase of our beautiful region, the Drôme Provençale.

You can also discover in our showroom:

* The museum of the olive grove

* A Gallery, with exhibitions from local artists and all aspects of the region

 * A Showroom for events and conferences with capacity for 150 people and with an exciting programme of events each month.

What is AOC NYONS? (now AOP)

AOC regulations

The producers in the Baronnies have long known the unique characteristics of their olives and olive oil because the big freeze of 1956 resulted in the Tanche Syndicate fighting to obtain appellation d’origine contrôlée  (1968), the first to be granted in France.


To meet consumer and grower demands and to ensure the highest methods of production, the olive oil and black Nyons olives obtained Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée in 1994, the first in France for these particular products.

The Zone defined for the AOC accreditation covers 53 communes to the south of the Drôme and to the north of the Vaucluse and to benefit from AOC accreditation, strict regulations must be adhered to:

- Registration of olive groves, including the growing, production and stock with INAO (Institut National des Appellations d'Origine).

- Analysis and tasting of all production before it is sold in order to obtain the approval certificate.

 - Variety of olive tree  : the Tanche must comprise at least 95% of the olive groves.

- Density of planting equal to 413 plants/hectare, with maximum harvest (6T/hectare), harvesting of olives from the tree.

- minimum size for a preserved olive of 14mm, processing without any chemical or preservative.

- standardized oil extraction : maximum temperature of 30%, 6 days maximum between harvest and extraction.  

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