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Mâcérat with fresh garlic from Drôme IGP 50 cl

Mâcérat with fresh garlic from Drôme IGP 50 cl

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Maison Boutarin, artisan producer, spoils us with this garlic Drôme with a fresh character and a slightly sweet taste.

Olive oil and fresh garlic are brought into contact according to a defined dose and time by our know-how and our team of tasters.

The fresh macerated garlic is then removed to give you a clear macerate.

In the kitchen: fillet or cooking in mashed potatoes & gratins earth, tomatoes and others, hot dishes (cooked vegetables, fish & meat).

These aromatic ingredients are macerated in olive oil Tanche virgin, olive from country, jewel of our terroir, pearl of the Provencal Baronies, then are removed after revelation of all their aromatic palette.

Price : 17,65 €

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